Barbara Cowling


Wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend

Barbara was a kind, beautiful, brave and selfless soul. Always put others before herself, her family was her world and she was ours. This incredible and amazing person always had a smile and welcomed everyone with open arms. She has left a massive hole in all of our hearts that will never be filled, but we remember all of the fantastic memories that we have had together and her memory and energy will live on through her family, friends and beautiful grand children, who she will love forever.


A gallery of the fondest memories captured throughout the years. Relive those cherished moments in time or add your special memories of Barbara to the gallery.

  • Our Barbara & Margaret Chapel House

    - Diana

  • Aysha's Baby Shower

    - Diana

  • Ladies that lunch Duke of York

    - Diana, Linda, Julia & our Barbara x

  • Cake catch up at Cake'ole

    - Diana

  • One of our nights out at your favourite place Chapel House xx

    - Diana

  • Having a good boogie after this shots xx

    - Cheryl

  • Ching ching with the daughter in laws. Babs always loved a shot 😍

    - Cheryl

  • Lovely family holiday

    - Cheryl xx

  • Our little sister XXX

    - Betty,dot,Geoff,graham

  • Beautiful Barbara at our Wedding

    - Cheryl

  • Romanby Shaw reunion Christmas do.

    - Holly

  • 'Jager bomb queen - summer bash

    - Holly

  • Sue & Colin's wedding. Eastbourne Road trip.

    - Holly

  • - Holly

  • - Holly

  • - Holly

  • - Holly

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  • - Holly

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  • - Holly

  • - Dot

  • Portugal 2018

    - Suzanne & Phil

  • Our wedding

    - Suzanne

  • My amazing grandma

    - Abigail

  • My beautiful auntie

    Although life took over and I didn’t see you as much as I would have liked, I always knew who to call when I needed a chat or advice. I will love you forever Babs!

    - Lynn

  • Birthday Catch ups

    - Pauline and Julie

  • Christmas Catch up

    - Pauline, Barbara M

  • Birthday Get together

    - Alex

  • Special Sister from my 80th Birthday

    - Betty

  • - Dot

  • Barbara and I celebrating the gym christmas in 2005. Happy memories x

    - Julia

  • Looking gorgeous babs. Sue's Hen do xx

    - Cheryl

  • - Kully

  • - Kully

Memories & stories

  • Work Wife Barbara

    My dearest Barbara, what can I say, the most kindest, welcoming, person I have ever met in a workplace, you have always gone out of your way to be helpful and I so miss you. When I was ill you were there, I hope I returned the favour. Bless you as you go to your final resting place, as I am gutted I can't be there, but will light a candle for you love from Diana 🙏🏿🙏🏿

    - Diana

  • Beautiful Smile

    I first met Barbara at Flockton House and the first thing I noticed about her was her lovely, warm, genuine, kind smile that extended to her beautiful sparkly smiley eyes. She was always happy to help, nothing was too much for her. She had a lovely sense of humour and laugh with it. I am thankful and blessed to have known her.

    - Marva

  • Nothing was too much

    If you needed cheering up and someone to help, Barbara would be there. Every work place should have a Barbara - she was the light and she would always say hello and talk to you as a friend. Sending all my love to the family she talked about and who I never met. Barbara I will always remember you with so many fond memories of compassion and kindness.

    - Deborah

  • Memories are the loveliest things, They last from day to day, They can't get lost, They don't wear out, And cannot be given away". Remembering happy times at our family gatherings and your's and David's last holiday with us. Dear sister-in-law and Aunty, loved by all the family. Christine, Chris, Darryl, Vladka and Viktoria xx

    - Christine

  • The best grandma ever

    My grandma loved me and my brother like no one else, she was our biggest supporter and never failed to make us laugh. I have so many wonderful memories if my grandma that I will forever cherish from when she was the first one outside the school gate picking me and my brother up from school, all the trips she used to take us on, all the birthdays ,the holidays, the Christmas’ I will always keep in my heart forever She gave the best hugs and would always do anything for us We love you grandma

    - Abigail

  • Grandma Barbara

    We knew Phil was the one from the first time we met him and likewise you welcomed Suzanne with open arms. You and Dave are absolutely wonderful grandparents and have brought love and happiness to Benjamin and Fern. A lovely lovely lady. You are truly one of lifes angels and you will be dearly missed by all. Lots of love and hugs. Xxxx

    - Linda

  • Barbara--My oldest friend

    We became friends when we were 11 years old. we went to youth clubs, went dancing to the "Mecca" every week. Slept at each others houses. We went to see Slade in concert and danced to The Osmonds "crazy horses" we had our own moves to that one ! You met Dave at our engagement party but we had to go out in a foursome for your first few dates ! You were my chief bridesmaid and I was yours. You have been such a large part of my life, and so many more memories come to mind. Rest in peace my friend.

    - SYLVIA

  • The most beautiful mother, mother in law and Grandma

    We couldn’t have wished or asked for a more amazing mother, mother in law and Grandma than you Barbara. You forever put us and your family first and brought so much joy and love into our lives.

    Benjamin & Fern ‘we love you so much, you couldn’t have had a bigger heart than yours, you gave the best cuddles in the world and your lemon drizzle cake was amazing!’

    You are one in a million and we will love you forever All our love until we meet again Philip, Suzanne, Benjamin and Fern xx

    - Suzanne

  • Special Sister

    My friend our special sister, I will love and miss you forever, she was always there for me bless you love you lots from Betty x

    - Betty

  • Our Best Friend

    We met 28 years ago at Romanby Shaw and have remained friends since then. We have celebrate our birthdays every year for as long as we can remember and we are devastated to lose our best friend, we were the 4 musketeers. We loved her dearly and will miss her always. Love to David, Andy. Phil and family. Dot, Betty, Geoff, Graham and family

    - Alex, Julie, Pauline

  • My Hero

    My mum was my hero, we all thought she was invincible and would live forever. She was always there when we needed her, always knew the right thing to say and always was there to support us for every part of our lives. She will be forever missed but we had some fantastic times with mum that i will remember and cherish forever. Great memories, Mum, my Hero, gone but not forgotten. Love you x Andy

    - Andy

  • Royale Family

    I will always remember Barbara as Barbeara after we giggled at the Tom Courtenay scene in Royale Family; from then on she was known as Barbeara to me. A truly lovely lady who will be fondly remembered always. Thanks for the memories Barbeara, you will be missed by so many xx

    - Karen

  • Our wonderful sister

    We love you so much Barbara, this special little baby born 3month after our dad passed away taking away all the sadness what joy you brought,and so it continued throughout our lives this special loving caring thoughtful sister always there for us.for ever in our hearts until we are all together again xx

    - Dot

  • Breasties

    Love our special friends lunches under the above name

    - Linda

  • Flockton and Sir Henry Mitchell House

    Barbara was one of the kindest people I know. Nothing was ever too much trouble for her. She was so supportive. I don’t think I will ever work with anyone again who is so encouraging

    - Clare

  • Jagerbomb Queen

    Barbara, what a beautiful soul. Just happy and jolly all the time. I had the pleasure of working with her at Romanby Shaw, then at Flockton House and then at SHMH. She would never say no to anyone, would always go out of her way to help. We had so many laughs together and the best girls nights out. She was our Jagerbomb queen. My sincere condolences to Barbara's family.

    - Kully

  • Beautiful Barbara

    A beautiful lady inside and out. Barbara never had a bad word to say about anybody, always saw the good in everyone. Our supervisions were spent talking about Barbara's grandchildren who she adored and was very proud,wonderful days out with them, school pick ups, the excitement when they all started school and when we knew Abi and my William would both be going to the same high school. All those wonderful memories you made for your family Barbara ♥️♥️

    - Liz

  • My sister

    Barbara was my youngest sister and with no exaggeration was one of the nicest people one could know. She loved her family dearly and always had time for us her brothers and sisters. She will be missed greatly.

    - Geoff

  • Admin goddess

    Barbs was the most amazing, kindest and hardworking woman I have come across. I first met her when I started working at Romanby Shaw with her in 2008- I’ve never met someone who will literally do anything for you, no job was too much for her and she always did it with the most infectious smile. Although part of a team, she was the one I would (annoyingly) email a million times over asking for equipment or small jobs. She really was the most lovely woman and she will now be the brightest star ⭐️

    - Lynne