Donald Joyce

Father, grandfather and friend

Cheeky and kindhearted, even though he looked like an Italian mafia boss.


A gallery of the fondest memories captured throughout the years. Relive those cherished moments in time or add your special memories of Donald to the gallery.

  • Family Day out - Dad always managed to look so dapper. Never seen outside of formal dress and always looking like an Italian gangster despite his Northampton roots!

    - Nigel

  • The first grand child appears - Sapphire won't like this, but you could definitely spot a mini Donald in this pic. Round face and the curly hair to boot.

    - Julie

  • Wedding Day

    - Julie

  • Maxine's Christening - A sister joins the clan. You can tell Nige and I were impressed. Those ties did not last long on us!

    - Malcolm

  • Ma and Pa together at home

    - Maxine

Memories & stories

  • Watching the Greyhounds at Oxford Stadium

    I remember thinking how exciting it was watching the Greyhounds with you at Oxford Stadium at the weekends. In the club house having chips. Trying the pick the winning dog from the walk out. I'm still amazed by how quickly they ran and the fact I was always sad when the caught the hare even though it was teddy bear! Had my first official job there. Always made easier knowing you would be somewhere in the crowd on race days.

    - Sapphire

  • Flooding the Benz

    Never to be seen without his beloved car! I remember when Donald let me borrow it and I drove through what I thought was a small puddle on a country road. Nope, water came pouring in through the car doors. Kids in the back thought it was the coolest thing ever and I'm in a rushed panic on the phone to the AA wondering how I'm going to make the next phone call. He took it all in his stride and it gave the family much amusement for many years. I still think of him whenever I see a Mercedes today.

    - Julie