Jeannie Lennox Smith


Wife, mother and Gran

My Gran was a special person, she was someone who i could always turn to when i needed advice and she was very honest and never held back with her opinion. I miss her everyday


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  • Jeannie

    - terri

  • My Gran

    - Terri

Memories & stories

  • Staying over

    I loved staying with my Gran and Wee Da. If we went on a Friday night, we would all sit and watch Cheers and the Golden Girls with our tea & toast and crisps. If it was a Saturday night we would havd our dinner and watch the A team, with my Wee Da always saying it was a load of rubbish but always asked how they made the stuff the made. I still went to stay when i was older on a Thursday and then went up for my dinner on a Sunday

    - terri

  • Unwell

    I will always remember everytime i was unwell i would stay at my Grans, she would make up a bed on the couch. I would always get lucozade and she would heat up lemonade and put paracetamol in it as i didnt like lemsips. I would just be spoilt and it was great

    - Terri


You will always be missed and our lives wont be the same without you. I know i will see you again one day and i know your looking over all of us xx