Mary Glaister


Mum, Wife, Grandma, Great Grandma and an Angel

The most loving and caring person you could ever meet. Devoted all her life to her family and loved by everyone who had the pleasure of meeting my Mum. Truly one of God’s Angels and Missed So Much xxxxx


A gallery of the fondest memories captured throughout the years. Relive those cherished moments in time or add your special memories of Mary to the gallery.

  • Mum looking so proud and happy with Ava xxxxx

    - Lesley

  • Holding Hands ❤️

    - Lesley

  • - Lesley

  • Mum, Steven and Rebecca

    - Lesley

  • - Lesley

  • Lewis’s 16th Birthday

    - Lesley

  • - Lesley

Memories & stories

  • A very special mum

    I miss mum every day, sometimes it hits me like a heavy weight and I just want my mum. She was a formidable force when it came to her family so loyal. I can just about look at photos now that make me smile and sometimes cry. To hear voice feels like a hug I will try every day to make her proud. She loved her family and we loved her... a huge loss my mum it hurts to never be able to say mum again 💔

    - Debra

  • Beautiful mum ❤️

    Our mum was just the most beautiful person. I feel truly blessed to have been born by her! I miss her terribly! I always carry you in my heart mum & always will. Xxx ❤️

    - Diane

  • My ‘Rock Gig’ Mum

    Photo taken in the Alma Inn. My Mum would go anywhere with me and my son to support his band. She even came to a proper Heavy/Metal Rockers Pub to support her Grandson and she enjoyed every minute of it. I admired her so much for embracing a place that wasn’t really her scene at all. Rock On Mum 💖💖💖

    - Lesley