Matina Zoulia


Mother, wife, colleague & friend

She showed up daily, always with humour and humility, and often with bright coloured nails and the famed red lipstick. With this, coupled with the strength of her character, it was sometimes easy to forget that she was ill. She was incredibly smart, fiercely loyal and a wonderful friend and colleague to many. And she will be sorely missed.


A gallery of the fondest memories captured throughout the years. Relive those cherished moments in time or add your special memories of Matina to the gallery.

  • 1920s Jazz club vibes

    - Jen

  • - Emily

  • - Emma

  • Mind the Product conference, Barbican London.

    - Hannah

  • Team Fitbit winners dinner at Plant Base

    - Harriet

  • Yoyo Christmas party 2019 at St John's Yard.

    - Mike

  • And where we frequently met.

    - Emma

  • One of the last long walks we went on together.

    - Emma

  • February 2020 - Company meeting, the one with George's quiz.

    - Gregg

  • February 2019 - Company meeting with Hannah & Sophie

    - Gregg

Memories & stories

  • Matina interviewed me for my job at Yoyo. I remember leaving the call with such an amazing impression, and thinking 'this lady is really cool, I want to work here'. I will always be grateful for Matina believing in me and regularly imparting her wise words. I’ve learnt lots from her, whether that be directly, or through all of the people she has impacted. Matina’s legacy will go on for a very long time. xx

    - Megan

  • I had just arrived at Glastonbury and said goodbye to my son for the weekend. Feeling unsure about whether it was the right decision to go, I received a text from Matina in that very moment encouraging me to have the best time and 'remember nothing about it'. The conversation that continued inspired me to remember to enjoy life, and take every opportunity to do so. I took her words into that weekend with me, and will think of her whenever I need that push to just do it. Thanks M, we miss you xxx

    - Brook

  • Treats, treats, treats

    We'd just moved into our house and Matina popped around to basically give us some Greek treats. It was covid times so we sat in the garden, freezing but catching up on everything that had been going on. No matter what the weather, mood, or time she would be there... for anyone. A rock for everyone who was lucky enough to be her friend, she will be missed. ❤️

    - Gregg