Neville James Edwards



The Quiet Man and one of life’s true gentleman. I am so proud to have had you as my dad and my best friend. Miss you more as each day passes. Til we meet again Dad xxxx


A gallery of the fondest memories captured throughout the years. Relive those cherished moments in time or add your special memories of Neville to the gallery.

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Memories & stories

  • My Husband and Sweetheart

    Three years ago today you left and not a day goes by that you are not constantly in my thoughts. Everything reminds me of you even the changing of the seasons. You loved the countryside and country pursuits. I miss the hours we spent together fishing at Thrunton and the pizza we shared afterwards at Morpeth on the way home. You were a man who loved his Family and was adored by them. It is said if a person has one true fried they are lucky, you were a billionaire.

    - Marilyn


    I remember you always nanting on about how when I’m a professional football player I’ll buy you a LAMBO, am not quite a footballer but going to explore the world. LOVE YOU WITH EVERY PIECE OF MY HEART❤️

    - Alex